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The facilities of the NanoMaterials Laboratory consist of:

Fabrication facilities:

Conventional, Coaxial, nozzle-free and 3D electropinners (with controlled temperature (up to 120 C and humidity)

Ultimaker 3 3D printer

CreatBot F430 PEEK 3D printer

Spin Coater

Chemical/microfluidic synthesis


Ultrasonic baths

CEM Microwave reactor

Characterisation facilities:

JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope

Nikon Atomic Force Microscope


Leica TCS SP2 Confocal Microscope

Micro-tensile Tester

Optical microscopes

Impedance spectroscopy

UV/Vis spectroscopy

Oil content analyser

Processing facilities:

Heraeus Vacuum Oven

Drying oven (60 C)

Oven (up to 240 C)

Box furnace (1100 C)


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