Principal Investigator

Norbert Radacsi, Ph.D.

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Institute for Materials and Processes

M.Sc. Physics - University of Debrecen (2006)  

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering/Materials Science - Delft University of Technology (2012)

Postdoctoral training: Delft University of Technology (2012-2013)

Purdue University (2013-2014)

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (2014-2016) 




Ph.D. Students

Michel Vong


3D electrospinning, Fabrication of nanostructured electrodes


Antonios Keirouz


High-throughput nozzle-free electrospinning, scaffolds for skin tissue engineering, stretchable polymer films, hernia mesh, silk fibroin


Michael Chung


Wearable electronics for early disease detection from sweat

Francisco Javier Diaz Sanchez


Wearable & ultrasensitive biosensors for early disease detection


Mei Zhang

(co-supervised with Dr. Michael Chen)

Theranostic nanoparticle drug delivery          

Faraz Fazal 


Developing hybrid bioprinting-electrospinning technology          

Gregory Myles


3D electrospun scaffolds with quantum dots for cancer detection          

Markus Rondé

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Dr. Jon Terry)

Fabrication of pressure sensor systems by etching          

Daisy Gao

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Dr. Anthony Callanan)

3D electrospinning and bioprinting


Atika Al Hasaini

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Dr. Atlanta Cook)

Electric field-assisted protein crystallisation



Fergus Dingwall


Senior Lab Technician (Wet Chemistry)

Masters Students

Shathes Sivanesvaran


Electric field effects on living organisms        


Academic visitors

Dr Ulrich Loening

Emeritus Professor


Electric field effects


Chanakan Komliang

Ibukun Akinwumi

Sheng Yuan Kan

Akarsh NS

Jing Huang

Ewan Speirs

Maria Kana

Dr Lu Wang

Daniel Wilhelm

Thendral David

George Ovari

Ammar Esmail 

Bingsong Wang

Mikel Arrese-Igor

Mariia Zakharova

David Kwon

Yusong Tian

Wesley Shao

Dr Weiwei Guo

Bruce (Jianpeng) Wang

Qiran Lu

Niklas Hartikainen

Post-doctoral research associates

Andreas Tsiamis


Biomedical Engineering, Microfabrication, More than Moore, Microelectronics, Metrology, & Soft Carbon Electrodes



School of Engineering, 

Sanderson Building,

Edinburgh EH9, UK

©2017 by Dr Norbert Radacsi