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Principal Investigator


Norbert Radacsi, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

Institute for Materials and Processes

M.Sc. Physics - University of Debrecen (2006)  

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering/Materials Science - Delft University of Technology (2012)

Postdoctoral training: 

Delft University of Technology (2012-2013)

Purdue University (2013-2014)

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (2014-2016) 




Ph.D. Students


Lydia Lei


Fabrication of vascular branches using hybrid bioprinting-electrospinning technology

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 20.02.39.png

Vinayak Nirmale

Fabrication of Smart Three-Dimensional (3D) Organoids for the Discovery of New Treatments

Picture 1.png

Atika Al Hasaini

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Dr. Atlanta Cook)

Electric field-assisted protein crystallisation


Personal image.jpg

Hailah Bin Rashed

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Prof. Vasileios Koutsos)



Bilgi Kip

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Prof. Colin Campbell)

Fabrication of SERS-active biosensors for three-dimensional disease models 



Junaid Ahmad Qayyum

(second supervisor, co-supervised with Dr. Dongmin Yang)

Carbon-fibre-reinforced 3D printing 



Fergus Dingwall


Senior Lab Technician (Wet Chemistry)

Academic visitors


Dr Ulrich Loening

Emeritus Professor


Electric field effects on the agriculture

Masters Students

Picture Chong.jpg

Chong Chan

3D electrospun electrodes for next-generation batteries


Ada Feng

Fabrication of nanofibre epitalon for healthy ageing

Visiting Students

Yvonne 2.jpg

Yvonne Tusiimire

3D electrospun bandages for wound healing


Pinyadapat Aroonthongsawat

Hydrogel-based Sensor for Leukemia Detection


Chanakan Komliang

Ibukun Akinwumi

Sheng Yuan Kan, MD

Akarsh NS

Jing Huang

Ewan Speirs

Maria Kana

Dr. Lu Wang

Daniel Wilhelm

Thendral David

George Ovari

Ammar Esmail 

Bingsong Wang

Dr. Mikel Arrese-Igor

Mariia Zakharova

David Kwon

Yusong Tian

Wesley Shao

Dr Weiwei Guo

Bruce (Jianpeng) Wang

Qiran Lu

Niklas Hartikainen

Dr. Michel Vong

Dr. Antonios Keirouz

Dr. Andreas Tsiamis

Shathes Sivanesvaran

Dr. Markus Ronde

Dr. Michael Chung

Dr. Francisco Javier Diaz Sanchez

Magi Stoyanova

Sakshika Raghav

Gregory Myles

Dr. Faraz Fazal

Dr. Daisy Gao

Dr. Andreia Silva

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